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Designed and Built to Endure

25 Jun. 2013 Posted by dulschm


After completing a major project, I like to unwind with something a little different.

A couple weeks ago, I delivered a massive walnut table. Building that table stretched my shop (and my puny muscles) to the limit.

After the dust cleared, I noticed all the short but thick walnut scraps lying around the shop. What could I do with these scraps?

23 Jun. 2013 Posted by dulschm

Making Lumber

James Krenov always said that woodworkers should get as close to the source of their material as possible. Luckily for woodworkers, our "source" is all around us. The method for making lumber shown here isn't the safest way (I wouldn't recommend it to anyone) but it does get the job done.

Splitting the log makes it a much more manageable size. Ash splits pretty easily, but seldom very straight.

13 May. 2013 Posted by dulschm

Fun on the lake

This boat continues to delight me.

Built a few years back, I'm still enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Ever since I was a wee little lad, when I tried to build my own skateboard, I've had a passion for self propulsion and building things with my own two hands.

Well, my hands are much bigger now, so I've finally achieved my goal thanks to this boat.

I'm ready for summer, how about you?

David J. Ulschmid

A Pair of Oak Tables

During the email conversation that started this project, I told my client that I never let anything out of my shop that I'm not thrilled with. And I meant it!

In the end, he was thrilled with the tables too.

The parts of the construction that I enjoyed the most were the drawbored pegs. They are in the both the table top breadboard ends and the long stretchers. This is an ancient woodworking joint that stands the test of time and I'm proud to include it on these tables.

11 Mar. 2013 Posted by dulschm

Wall Clocks Available on Etsy

Wall Clock with Stained Glass
Wall Clock with Stained Glass

But if you love something, you've got to let it go. And so here are the long awaited Etsy listings for the Stained Glass Clocks.

Check them out by visiting these links.



13 Feb. 2013 Posted by dulschm

Pillowed Lid Oak Box

The figured Oak lid on this box is pillowed all around and is nestled into the box.

It begs to be touched. The smoothness of the surface contrasts the wave of the figure, leaving most confused about whether it is truly smooth or if it is contoured.

There is a good reason for making this lid look so irresistible so inviting that you just HAVE to touch it. That is because the method for opening this box isn't immediately obvious. There is nowhere to grip that smooth lid. No handle. Nothing.

But I will let you in on the secret.

4 Feb. 2013 Posted by dulschm

The President Sequoia

While perusing the magazine rack in downtown Brookings, SD. I came across the December 2012 National Geographic with the cover story "The World's Tallest Trees".

And it had a FREE poster of "The President" a giant sequoia. This is one HUGE tree. It is 247 feet tall and has a base diameter of 27 feet! Most amazingly of all, they estimate that it is 3,200 year old!!

I had to buy the magazine and get that poster up on my wall.

26 Jan. 2013 Posted by dulschm

Walnut Clock

The main reason this clock misses the storage requirement is because it is designed to a smaller scale than my ultimate goal clock. That will be sized more like a grandfather clock.

By contrast, this design has its roots in the office cubicle world and is scaled to fit in this restricted space. The 3 1/2" dial is perfect for quick reading as such close distances.

I did hit the carving requirement by sculpting the top with an Art Deco inspired design.

17 Jan. 2013 Posted by dulschm

Figured Oak

Figured Oak Lid Wooden Box
Figured Oak Lid Wooden Box

Don't let my talk about recycling lead you to think that I'm here to stand on a "GREEN" soapbox and say that it makes me a better person because I am "recycling" (I pick this stuff up in an old oil burning, gas guzzling pickup truck, how green is it really?). But it undoubtedly makes me a better woodworker.

11 Dec. 2012 Posted by dulschm

The Depth of the Common

Theory of the Depth of the Common
You see, so many people claim that much of the beauty in the world is only skin deep. A thin facade that is brushed away by the ever fickle hand of time.

But can we apply this "skin deep" concept to the common as well as beauty?

My theory is that we should view commonness as merely a surface finish.

Think about a crowd of people, all dressed the same. You would describe the group as a whole. Those people. They are all the same.